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I want to share you my daily routine, AKA How I make $400 a month

I was thinking, since these "Daily Routine" posts have been so popular before, so that is why I am doing this, trying to tell you how I work my days.
Almost everyday at 4 p.m. I do some stretching, take a cup of coffee and inhale the air surrounding me. Then I walk up to my computer. Now, if anyone is wondering that how am I able to multitask things so perfectly, I want to already inform that this is the setup is use to multitask and work as effectively as possible
So, shall we take a look at my day?
The first thing on my list is to complete my ad clicks on ProBux/ Non-Ref. I will click on the ads on my left monitor and go to other sites at the same time, but let me explain why ProBux quickly before going further on with my day.
First of all, ProBux gives one of the highest amount of money a PTC site can give you. If I click only on the four orange advertisements I get $.04 and if I click on all I get $.06. In NeoBux after clicking through all the advertisements you get about $.01.
The rented referrals on ProBux aren't bots, that's for sure. Some of my referrals click 8 ads daily while all of my NeoBux referrals clicked on barely two.
The amount of money per month I get is the amount I withdraw AT THE MOMENT. I have potential to make more but you got to realize that I only have about 45 rented referrals at the moment.
Per Month: $2
While I run ProBux on the other monitor, I will head to CashCrate/ Non-Ref. In here I will put a goal to make at least $4. I know this isn't much, but this is mainly due to the lack of offers Europe has. For countries like UK, US and CAN, you can get up to $15 or even $20 in a day if you happen to get good offers.
The offers I am trying to look for are simple offers and trials I can complete in less than 10 minutes. This way I won't use ridiculous amount of money in a day, but I can make a decent amount of money. CashCrate must be my favorite site I use, since it is the most profitable GPT site I know.
Per Month: $120
The next page I will take a look at is Get-Paid/ Non-Ref. The site seems to have good surveys/offers at times and they have a much larger amount of offers for Europeans. However, I still prefer to use CashCrate more, but on the best days I can get up an easy 1000 coins. That is comparable to $1 if you redeem the money straight to your PayPal account, but since I usually redeem my prices as PaySafeCards, 1000 coins is worth $2.5 if I redeem my coins for PaySafeCards.
I make usually around 5000 to 50000 coins per month, depending on the offers they have and the amount of work I am willing to put in to CrowdFlower tasks f.e.
Per Month: $10-$50
Then I go straight to oDesk. In here, I try to quickly look through the new jobs. This usually takes around 5 minutes, but if I find a job it will take few extra minutes to make an application to the job.
This site is a huge variable. Some months I make $10, some months I make $200, but this is totally depending on what jobs I am able to find that make me interested.
But, if I count the active, long term contracts I have at the moment, which take about 10 hours of my time weekly to get the jobs done, I am looking around $100 in steady income monthly.
Per Month: $100
Then I will go and look if I have any new orders on Fiverr. This is a site that I use to do easy things for me like SEO reports and gigs like that. They bring me $4 per gig, and I usually get around 10 gigs per month.
I really like this site. Simple platform and finally a site where I don't need to contact anyone in order to get new contracts done, but they contact me.
Per Month: $40-$50
Two more to go before my working is over! The second last page I look for is Cryptsy/ Non-Ref. Now, this might at first sound a little dumb. Why am I going to this site again?
The reason is that I will try to look for trending CryptoCurrencies that have a chance of succeeding. If I find one, I will do some research over it and then buy some. Sometimes I fail to succeed one, sometimes I hit the jackpot! When the currency starts to grow near its potential high point I will sell it for Doges or for BitCoins.
This site is not a steady income for me. It is just a site where I happen to sometimes find some interesting, trending currencies.
A tip from a CryptoCurrency veteran: If you see a currency you're interested in, never ever put more money in than you're willing to lose. CryptoCurrencies can blow up in one night like DogeCoin did this week or it can drop half its value over night, like Bitcoin did last year.
The usual amount of money per month: $50
Last but not the least, I go to Hits4Pay/ Non-Ref. This site I use mainly because I want something easy and fast to do while I open up my NetFlix. This site doesn't pay millions, but it is so easy and fast to use that I lose nothing by using it.
Per Month: $1
This all takes me about one hour to complete. This is due to the two screens, fast action and a routine that I have memorized so well I could do it any time, any day in any condition (except when it is storming, I hate storms).
Hope you enjoyed my daily routine. Have any more questions about the sites or my routine? PM me or comment down below.
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around $60 in about a week and a half, $49 of that from one site.

Opinion Outpost fillout surveys for points, redeem points for paypal, amazon gift cards, frequent flyer miles, a couple of others that i don't recall cause i only cash out to paypal. 100 pts = $1 on paypal, and most surveys are around 15-25 pts, plus every so often you'll get bonus pts. i've earned and successfully cashed out $49 in a little over a week. no referral system to worry about, about an hour a day should be fine, i keep doin surveys til i run out for the day. heads up, a couple of them will say stuff like "select 3 out of 10 for this" just to make sure you aren't clicking wildly but thats rare. $10 minimum FIRST payout to paypal, $3 minimum after that, transfers to paypal within minutes. [Opinion Outpost](
the rest of this is ways to earn bitcoin, but since the value tends to fluctuate its hard to say how much you could make, but my bitcoin wallet is at about $15 (combined from these sources) since i started.
Land of Bitcoin this one will take you to tons of faucets and (loosely) keep track of when they are ready to dispense again. i would recommend hiding faucets that don't payout to a or account, which is just a handful, mostly so that you can more easily keep track of all your loose satoshi floating around out there. i suggest creating an account and leaving the main page open, you'll get more free satoshi and if the faucet ever stops just enter the captcha and more free comin your way. also earned a decent amount playing the Kate poker free-rolls, but just a heads up it didn't adjust for daylight savings so you'll have to check Kate Poker for when the freerolls actually start Referral Non Referral
Earn Crypto this one is a bit of a mixed bag, you have to be careful about the offers it has or you'll wind up with a bit of spyware and such. do the surveys and account creation stuff (on a throw away email) for easy "crypto points" which can then be exchanged for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Namecoin, you pretty much name it, even Linden for second life, seriously. Avoid the "supersonicad" section and do the Peanut surveys or the Crowdflower tasks and watch the occasional video for the most "crypto points" ever 1000 crypto can be exchanged for you preferred coin. i got 1400 points for creating a fake turbotax account in about 15 seconds. AVOID any offers that want you to download something or check your credit scores, for pretty much anything else a throwaway email is all youll need but i STRONGLY recommend just stickin to the peanut lab surveys. Referral Non Referral
Bit Chest a simple temp wallet and a list of consistently paying faucets that you can use ever 30 minutes will earn you the minimum payout of 5000 satoshi in a bout a day with very little effort. no muss, no fuss, NO SIGNUP, just enter a bitcoin wallet address
Qoinpro this is the only true faucet i've found in my opinion, but if you are a bitcoin person its also the lowest paying, relying more on referral system to actually earn you something. this site pays you Bitcoin(0.00000001), Litecoin (0.00000030), Feathercoin (0.00002419), Fedoracoin (0.39141087), and infinitecoin (0.02272727), in small amounts every 24 hours. people are pushing for them to add dogecoin to the faucet but its not there yet if you're a dogeperson Referral Non Referral
Freebitcoinz 2000 free satoshi ever 24 hours for just entering 2 captcha's. quick and simple. for every 1000 a referral earns you earn an additonal 250 Referral Non Referral
update: just wanna say thanks to everyone who clicked on my various referrals :)
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Which site pays you most for CrowdFlower tasks Task - YouTube 27) Dutch Tulip Bulb Craze of 1637 How to Buy YOcoin with Your Commissions Rich Data Summit: Lukas Biewald (CrowdFlower) – Keynote & CrowdFlower AI Announcement

You complete tasks for a given amount of Bitcoin. With today's value of BTC, the tasks are typically paid in BTC. Many of these tasks are done through crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is when a site, such as Crowdflower , has various grouped tasks to be done in exchange for Bitcoin or some other currency. Typically they'll have a job with hundreds or even a thousand microtasks that multiple people ... After submitting your Bitcoin address, you will have access to a variety of tasks, in the form of jobs, offers, or videos. Click on the task that you want to complete and follow the instructions. Once you have completed a task, your bits will be credited within a few minutes. You can view your balance anytime by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the page. A user will be required to complete simple jobs provided by CrowdFlower. The tasks will include transcribing short audio clips, do simple research on a specific topic or even verify ingredients used in making specific food types. Basically, all jobs are simple to complete, and after finishing one, a user gets around 0.40–5 bits. CrowdFlower is one of the industry leaders in providing crowdsourced solutions. If you've ever worked on Amazon's Mechanical Turk, the odds are you've completed some of their micro-tasks. Unlike some of the other crowdsourcing companies, CrowdFlower does not operate its own platform. Instead, its tasks are published on Amazon's Mechanical Turk and other partner websites. You can also opt for “CrowdFlower” tasks instead of completing surveys, you’re required to get some tasks done like verifying someone’s Facebook or Twitter profile etc. and that’s another answer to how to get Bitcoin on GetBitcoins. Additional Details: You get paid once you reach a threshold of a minimum 500 uBTC. Which shouldn’t be ...

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Which site pays you most for CrowdFlower tasks

tasks crowdflower: crowdflower bangla tutorial How to do Crowdflower task crowdflower task guide: how to earn money online how to do crowdflower tasks in neobux, clixsense or other channel. Guia tarea Nivel 0 Crowdflower 0,06$ Find And Correct Business Addresses And Phone Numbers Crowdflower → Suscríbete → https://goo... Notes for Economics To understand what continues to happen today, let’s look at the more distant past. One of the most famous bubbles in history is the Dutch Tulip-Bulb ... **Crowd Flower Elite has changed its name and now it is Figure Eight Elite. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel to keep it live. Help me to achieve 1K subscribers milestone. Thank you in advance for ... [CrowdFlower Tasks Tutorial] This Tutorial show you how to working on tasks : Find The Quantity And Price For Items