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NEFT Vodka, now available in California

If you don't know NEFT, here's the NSWF viral video:
If you can't watch NSFW videos then you should find a different place to work then you might know about NEFT Vodka from the Bitcoin Conference 2013 in San Jose, where it was served (in copious amounts) at the Tradehill reception as well as being promoted from the Mycelium / Bitcoincard booth:
Every "barrel" of NEFT Vodka has the Bitcoin logo with the message "We support Bitcoin economy":
Their website has that message endorsing Bitcoin as well:
I believe this is the first (and probably only) consumer product to promote Bitcion (or just mention it on the packaging even).
I learned today that NEFT Vodka is now available in California, and that it will also be available in Las Vegas later this month. The vodka is sold in the U.S. with the same packaging ("shaped like a 55 gallon drum / oil barrel") and carries the Bitcoin logo -- just as does the barrels sold in Europe.
Many in the Bitcoin community love NEFT ... like Kris Henriksen fom, ... Erik Voorhees, Jan Møller from Mycelium (who ordered a little for his own personal stock, as well as some to sell):
It is an Austrian vodka ... meaning it is made in Austria (not necessarily the vodka for Austrian Economists, though any brand with a Bitcoin logo likely would be appealing!).
NEFT means "oil" in Russian. I don't remember the full backstory but I am remembering NEFT having an affiliation with a Russian oligarch or something to that effect. Or maybe I am mixing stories. The indie filmmaker for the video is Russian, that I do know.
NEFT has been available in Europe for some time, but now is available for sale for the first time in California. And later this month in Las Vegas.
I'm not sure yet where it is sold. At the conference, I had heard that BevMo would be carrying it. Here's the person who knows more:
If anyone has more details on this development, please share. Here's the BitcoinTalk thread on NEFT Vodka:
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